Natura 2000 network and protected areas

The ‘Vertebrate Fauna in the Natura 2000 Network TN’ project

It is an articulate programme of research and monitoring of the vertebrate fauna in sites of the Natura 2000 network and surrounding areas, useful to evaluate the correct management and conservation status of habitats and species of Community interest according to the Habitat Directive. In this contest, our Department is carrying out some studies and monitoring programmes dedicated to: 1) bird species of meadow habitats; 2) bird species of high altitude habitats; 3) bird species of forest habitats; 4) bird species of wetland habitats; 5) herpetofauna.

Moreover, intensive studies on ecology and population dynamics have started for species of particular interest for the provincial territory.

Our Department is also involved in the organisation and archiving of data in the provincial WebGIS and in the statistical and spatial analysis through mathematical models, GIS Software and LIDAR products, in order to update the Natura 2000 formats and provide the fundamental knowledge for a correct management of species and habitats for conservation purposes, identifying the ecological components that influence the species distribution and density and their main threats.

Definizione di “linee guida provinciali” per l’attuazione dei monitoraggi nei siti trentini della rete Natura 2000


Unità di idrobiologia Fondazione E. Mach: AZIONE C10 – Piano di gestione del gambero di fiume in Trentino;

Albatros S.r.l.: Monitoraggio dello stato di conservazione dei chirotteri e dei loro siti di svernamento e riproduzione.

The LIFE T.E.N. project

The LIFE+T.E.N. (Trentino Ecological Network) project has been conducted between 2012 and 2017 and coordinated by the Department of Sustainable Development and Protected Areas of the autonomous province of Trento (PAT) in partnership with the Muse. The main goals of this project were the collection and sharing of data on the local biodiversity and the realisation of the Ecological Network in Trentino, in order to address the PAT policies towards the nature conservation according to the Natura 2000 network. As a result, fragmentation of ecological areas and conservation priorities in terms of species and habitats have been identified.

Another important objective of this project was the possibility to make the community and the local administrators aware of the purposes of the Natura 2000 network and the related possibilities of sustainable development and territorial competitiveness. In fact, the provincial Ecological Network is a multi-purpose network that combines the biodiversity conservation measures with the appreciation of the ecosystem services returned to the territory. Therefore, this network is both ecological and cultural, with important effects on the future plannings.

The LIFE T.E.N project